Dear all,

Established in the context of increasingly competitive and fierce competition, Danh Nam Co. has not only advantages but also lots of difficulties and challenges to face up with. However, with best efforts, the Board of Directors as well as each individual in the Company committed to bring Danh Nam Co. into a powerful company in the market within the shortest time and achieve great success.

The principles of Danh Nam Co. is to respect each individual as well as satisfy all requirements of customers in the most professional way. These are derived from the realization that; Business ethics are the foundation for a strong institution and the guiding principle for our operation is to follow 3Q; “Quyết tâm, Quyết liệt, Quyết đoán” (meaning Determination, Drastic, Decisive); 3Q is the motto action of the whole company as well as individuals during serving customers. Besides, we are aware that building business image is necessary to gradually bring the brand – Danh Nam toward customers. With thorough researches and clear orientation in terms of industry, characteristics as well as the goals of the company, the “core values ​​of Danh Nam Co.” is confirmed in the market. “Danh Nam brand core values” as well shows the company’s responsibility to customers, employees, shareholders and the whole community in a direct or indirect way. These values ​​will affect the company’s business decisions and day-to-day operation as the orientation.

Each of you could apply “Danh Nam’s core values”, protect and promote them together and jointly build Danh Nam into a common house, a “NEW VALUE” which is to affirm its position in the market and customers’ mind.

And I believe that: Danh Nam will grow as a sustainable enterprise in the future.





Professional towards the perfection in service quality as well as in all business activities, affable all activities bring a friendly feeling, familiar to customers


Danh Nam – The brand promises the sustainable development of all business activities and concerns all benefit in the harmony among partners, customers and employees


Diversity and professional service put customers first considering customer’s benefit, customer-centered of all action continuous improvement to bring values in life